LHSG 15th Anniversary Events 2 and 3.

In keeping with our mission of spreading the knowledge of Reiki and empowering all people with the healing power of Reiki, on 20th and 21st September 2020, LHSG (Kenya) members Mamta Advani and I, Kamal Tolia, carried out a Reiki level 1 training camp for 43 children of the Hindu Refugee camp in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi, India. This was the 2nd such camp, the first one having been done a month ago for 21 children and adults.

We did the training on line. The children (in Delhi), sat on the verandah floor of the home of their teacher Vikram Lalwani, (himself a refugee from Sindh, Pakistan), while Mamta and I sat in Nairobi, Kenya. They were all bright and cheery, eagerly awaiting the gift of Reiki!

Teaching children is always an extra special joy, and this Reiki camp was no exception. The children learned with all their heart and mind and soul. They listened keenly to the instructions for self-healing and partner healing, and carried them out to perfection! And the proof of their new found healing power lay in their reporting at the end of the class of stomach ache gone, cough gone, head ache gone, leg pain gone, and so on! We ended the training with the children giving Reiki to their snacks of pattis and bananas before eating them.

The second Reiki training was held on 19th Sept and 26th September for the refugee camp’s manager HariOm  Sahoo and 3 camp volunteers. They too learned the basics of Reiki and became Reiki Level 1 healers!

So in total, we were blessed to have introduced 43 + 4 = 47 new entrants to the world of Reiki!

My gratitude to the Universe for affording us yet another opportunity to bring Love and Light into the lives of these refugees, who have so little in their life to begin with. And gratitude to Vikram and Hari Omji as well for all their help in arranging for this Reiki training. 

These Reiki training camps will be the beginning of many more such camps we will be having for these refugees in the months to come!

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  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    Little faces, Big smiles
    Reiki will take the healing to miles
    Enriched, empowered these little lives
    Shall grow up to be a humbled delight
    Congratulations to LHSG once again!!

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