15th Anniversary Seva Number 4.

Spreading Love and Light has been our primary mission all these years. And more so to the sick, the elderly and those that suffer from cancer.

On October 8th and 9th, LHSG Kenya member Sheela Shah conducted an on line Reiki level 1 workshop for 5 cancer patients and care givers of Faraja Cancer Support Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos or videos recorded of the event, but we do have a thank you e mail from one of the participants. Please read on ….

Gratitude to Faraja for hosting this on line event, and for their support all these years. A special thank you to Philip and Beryl for making this workshop happen. 

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


Faraja Reiki l camp 8th and 9th October 2020

Five individuals took part in this Reiki workshop. The participants were a mix of care givers and cancer survivors.

The first day started with wifi issues from the word go but eventually we were able to start about 30 mins later.

 The introduction, what chakras are, the 5 rules of Reiki, the attunement, self  healing, partner healing and the benefits of Reiki, were all covered comprehensively in the two days.

All the participants expressed feeling calm and very relaxed during the attunement. During the self and partner healing sessions, the participants were happy to feel Reiki flow from their hands. The partners who received healing gave positive feedback such as feeling warmth and a keen sense of deep restfulness.

Queries were answered and finally keen interests were expressed by all the participants to learn Reiki ll. It was very rewarding to get this feedback and assured them a date will be fixed for a month from now for Reiki ll.

My gratitude for this opportunity to hold this camp especially under the challenges of the current times. It is fortunate that online mode of teaching is effective and accessible.

Sheela Shah

Member, LHSG Kenya


Response from one of the participants

Dear Sheela,

This was a great opportunity for me which I have been looking for. It just felt like a dream come true to get the opportunity to learn Reiki and the sessions themselves were well conducted and guided clearly. I have been practicing and I feel improving slowly especially for chakra healing.

Am looking for level II session so I can be able to send Reiki to those unwell so they can feel the joy of healing through Reiki.


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