LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 16

Our LHSG Australia, Perth, in charge, Rajinderpal Walia, along with Harjyot Sidhu, LHSG Australia member did Reiki healing seva in Kolkata and Amritsar in India. Please read on for Raj’s report and do watch the touching pictures in the video that follows.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


This year Harjot Sidhu and myself had decided to go and do some seva, consisting of Reiki healing and making donations to the two institutes known as S R.U.M.A. and C.I.N.I. Ruma deals with Palliative care and Cini with Child in Need.

The first two pictures are where the patients are first assessed and then a decision is made if they need to go to the hospice centre.

We spent three days at the Chundangan Hospice, where we managed to give patients healing and on the 4th day all the patients and family members were treated to a lunch of their choice. We also treated the 40 dedicated staff who deal with these patients day and night.

Then we spent one day at the Chittranjan National Cancer Institue where patients are waiting for hours to be seen by the doctors.

We had no words to express the dedication by the founder Director Santanu Chakraborty and his ever smiling wife, right hand partner in all his ventures Meheli. Behind these two are a group of nurses, Trauma management team, cleaners, guards and handy men. We managed to donate some funds collected in Perth for this very worthy cause.

Below are pictures of the day centre, hospital, hospice and home visits.

Harjyot and myself have no words to describe the dedication we saw, it is easy to fund raise for Children and mothers but a very big challenge for Palliative care.

The last two days we spent giving healing to Children, who had gone through Trauma. Here we were restricted on photography due to Confidentiality.

We saw three Shelter homes: 1.For boys from the slums. 2. A shelter home for girls. 3. A shelter home for boys.

It was a real eye opener, to see how these children are rescued and stay in protection, till they are reunited with their parents.

Very grateful for the seva bestowed upon us by our creator.

Many thanks

Rajinderpal Walia

LHSG Perth, Australia in charge.


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  1. Nicole says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for the stories and video.

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