The Six Laws Of The Universe (Section 2)

The Six Laws of the Universe

Law No 4: The Law of Abundance

Which words do we use to describe abundance? Plenty of, sufficient, overflowing, lots of …… what is lack of abundabce? ……. Insufficiency, need, etc.

We all want abundance in our lives, but can everybody have abundance? The answer is yes, we can. God is all abundant, and since we were created from God, we have a part of him /her in us and should therefore also be all abundant. We should not lack for anything. How do we go about getting this abundance? Once again, the Universe with its Law of abundance comes to our rescue. Here is how it works.

The universe does not discriminate between a negative thought and a positive one. IT IS PROGRAMMED TO PROVIDE US WITH WHATEVER WE THINK ABOUT. The more we think about something, the more energy we put into the thought and that something. The energy we put into the thought will make it grow and grow ….. until one fine day, it will have so much energy that it can no longer remain a thought, it has to manifest into our reality.

So here is the catch: If you want more money in your life, DO NOT FOCUS ON WANTING MORE MONEY. If you do this, the Universe reads it that you wish to have the experience of wanting more money. It will oblige by sending you experiences in which you will continue to want more money. This will happen again and again as long as you focus on wanting more money. To change the situation, you have to change your focus.

How do you do that? Just keep visualizing and feeling what you would like to have as if you already have it. The message the Universe will get is that you wish to experience what you are feeling and thinking of, and it will most certainly comply by creating your thought into reality, and you will get more money in your life.

This represents the cut and dried formula for the Law of Abundance in action. It works for all forms of abundance …. money, friends, property, …..

But use this law with care. Be careful what you ask for. According to your Karma, do you deserve the abundance you crave? Will you be going against your destiny if you get this abundance and have to pay dearly for it?

One way of making your abundance ‘clean’ is by sharing it with others, especially with the poorer members of society, the needy, the less fortunate. The more you share, the more you will get.

There is a simple theory of Abundance which says that if you want more in your life, you must make room for that more to come. And one way of doing this is by sharing what you already have. Do this and watch how the Universe works by giving you more and more.

So along with focusing on the right thought, focus on sharing as well. This is a win-win situation from which only magnified abundance can result.

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The Six Laws of the Universe

Law No 5: The Law of Gratitude

This law is a sort of an extension of the Law of Abundance. Abundance need not mean only money. It can stand for good health, happiness, friends, love, etc. as said before, to have more of these in your life keep focusing on these qualities as if they are already present in your life. Now this step may be very hard to follow especially if you don’t enjoy much good health, have very little to be happy about, have very few friends or love in your life right now.

Even in this seemingly desperate situation, the Universe can help us if we apply the Law of Gratitude. This Law tells us to focus on what we already have however meager it is and BE GRATEFUL FOR IT.

Gratitude carries with it the high vibration of LOVE and when it is sent out to the Universe, the Universe has no choice but to reciprocate by giving you more of similar situations to be grateful for! So you will get more and more (of what you are already grateful) to be grateful for!!

So, in brief, focus on what you already have, however little it is, be grateful for it. When more comes in your life, be grateful for that too. By being continuously grateful for the abundance we do have in our lives we are completing the energy circuit of: asking, receiving and being grateful. When we do this, a wonderful thing happens. The abundance gets multiplied manifold!

Even in the case of abundance meaning wealth, we will do well to remember to be grateful. Do not wait for all the abundance that you asked for to come before you give your thanks to the Universe / God. Do it when you glimpse even a tiny amount of it coming your way. In short, be continuously grateful.

Now take this one step further. Be grateful not only for what you have, but also for what you know.  You know so much! You can read this column. There are so many people in the world that are not literate and cannot gain knowledge from the written word! Be grateful, and more knowledge will come your way. Be grateful for being alive, and you will enjoy every day of your life.  Be grateful for the successes you have enjoyed, and for sure as night follows day, you will get more success in your life. Be grateful for everything in your life: children, parents, relatives, your neighbours. If any of these people do not give you reason to be happy most of the time, focus, focus on past situations with them that gave you happiness and give your thanks for them, and you will enjoy better relations with them! Be grateful for having a home and you will never be homeless. Be grateful for your next meal, for all your meals, and you will never go hungry. Be grateful for your car, your job, and you will always have a car and a job.

That, simply put, is The Law of Gratitude.

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The Six Laws of the Universe

Law No 6: The Law of Harmony and Rhythm

The universe is not a static creation. It is an ongoing dynamic manifestation of our collective thoughts.

This huge creation functions in perfect harmony and rhythm. The Earth spins on its axis, the planets stay in their orbits, spinning without collision, …. The whole universe is going about its business in perfect harmony. No discord, no out of tune. There is rhythm in every aspect of creation. Nothing is out of place, nothing is excessive. If any part does become excessive, nature sets about reducing it so that once again balance and order is restored.

Since we are part of the Universe, we too are created in harmony with the Universe. All Life exists as a one song rhythm, like a perfect musical vibration of a symphony orchestra.

The same note, beat, vibration that runs through the sky, the earth, the trees, the waters, the mountains, etc. runs through us and all living things. We are meant to be at one with the universe. We are an integral part of LIFE! When we forget this fact, the Harmony and Rhythm of the Universe is upset and the Universe has a way of reminding us that we are out of tune!

At present, where are we in this Harmony and Rhythm scenario? Do we fit in? Not quite. What part have we played in causing disharmony? We have created excessive pollution, cut down trees indiscriminately, killed animals and humans, disregarded all the laws of the Universe. We have interfered with nature like never before, and so nature has given us back with equal measure by increasing the incidences of manmade and natural disasters, diseases, etc. One only has to read the newspaper or watch the news to realize what a mess we have created in the world by our collective greed and desire to control.

To come back into Harmony and Rhythm of the universe, we have to have a shift in our Mind and Consciousness. We do this by remembering that our actions and behaviours affect not only the ones close to us, but also all life all over the world. Indiscriminate polluting in one part of the world pollutes the whole world. Cutting down trees in one forest in one part of the world ultimately affects the climate all over the world. WHAT THE PART DOES, AFFECTS THE WHOLE.

The Part and Whole are related thus:




We have to think Globally! We have to change our focus from what is good for us to what is good for our family, our country, our world. Since we are part of our family, our country, our world, what is good for them will automatically be good for us.  Only then will we be in tune with the Harmony and Rhythm of the world and enjoy it in our lives as well.

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The Six Laws of the Universe


All of creation has come from one Source, so all of us have Consciousness. This Consciousness is the same in all things, although it may ‘look different’ due to the difference in the appearance of the created things. Thus even though humans, animals, plants, and minerals look different from each other, the Consciousness in them is the same.

But out of these four groups of creation, only Humans have the Free Will to Choose. This boon carries with it a great responsibility, for what man chooses affects all of creation. This is because the Universe is programmed to give to us what we choose to send to it.

Thus, our thoughts become things. Negative thoughts become things of negativity and positive thoughts become things of positivity. So if we want to be surrounded by positivity, CHOOSE to think positive thoughts all the time.

The Universe picks up our feelings and sends them back to us to to become our experiences. Negative feelings result in negative experiences, positive feelings in positive ones. Once again, we can choose how we feel. If we want to experience Joy, happiness, CHOOSE NOW, to focus on joy and happiness, even if we have to dig it out from past situations.

Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions to others come right back at us, whether in this life or in future lives. So, we are responsible for what has happened to us in the past and for what is happening to us now. While we may not be able to change our thoughts, words and deeds of the past, we still have a Choice about what we think, say and do Now. Let us Choose wisely now, to do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

Wanting more in our lives is a common human trait. To achieve abundance, do not focus on wanting it i.e. the lack of it in your life. Focus instead on how it would feel if you already had it in your life. For the Universe knows how to respect your feelings. It will send you the situations (in this case of more abundance) in your life so you may experience the feeling of true abundance!

Also, let us not forget to be grateful for all that we have and all that we know, however little it may be. For only in becoming grateful do we open the door to receiving more. Gratitude carries with it the High Frequency of Love which the Universe responds to by sending us more to be grateful for!

Lastly, let us remember as humans, we are only a part of the Universe, not the only part of it. We share this home with the other groups …… animals, plants, minerals. They too have equal right to exist…. and all four groups are inter dependant which gives us balance and harmony. As a free thinking species, we  humans have a great responsibility in ensuring this Balance and Harmony is maintained. Only then will Peace reign in our common home, The Earth.



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